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Guaranteed Sold or We’ll Buy It!  Guaranteed Sold or We’ll Sell it for Free.  Sounds like a great offer doesn’t it.  You see these offers periodically and your tempted to call to and find out what they’re all about.

The savvy homeowner will quickly discover these guarantees are just marketing gimmicks to get you to call.  Once the agent is in front of you at the dining room table, he or she will try talk into listing with them.  It’s a spin of the bait and switch. 

There’s an inherent conflict of interest for Realtors who resort to this gimmick.  How hard are they going to work to sell your home for top dollar when they stand to make a far larger profit from buying your home at a discount and then reselling it at a profit?  Is this really somebody you want working for you?

These are generally cleverly disguised programs that are no lose situation for the agent.  They’ll give you an offer price that is substantially below current market value.  If you get an offer above theirs, you can take the higher offer.  Well isn’t that what they’re supposed by doing anyway?

It’s not un-heard of for the guaranteed offer to be as much as 10% below market value.   In that case, you’d be better off selling the house “For Sell By Owner” for 5-6% below market value.  No matter what the market is doing, homes that are offered that far below market will have people beating your door down with their check books out.

If you’re willing to selling to sell your house that steeply discounted, definitely give me a call.  I’m working with several buyers who gladly purchase the property, pay my fees and settle at your convenience.

How about you choose to work with an agent that has developed a rock-solid marketing plan and pricing strategy that’s designed to get you top dollar without all the nonsense?  

If you’d like to see my proven marketing plan text “ENGAGE” TO 717-208-2006 and you’ll get a copy delivered to your phone.